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Douglass High School’s Marlon Morgan – Character Counts sponsored by Eskridge Honda

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Written by Amy Alvarez

When you think of Douglass High School Basketball, what comes to mind?  Determination, confidence, strong competition and a strong legacy?   All of these characteristics (and so many more) are found within the heart of Marlon Morgan, a 10th grade starting Varsity basketball player.

When I asked this talented young man what gets your athletic motor running, Marlon responded “Competition, each time I step on the floor I want to win. I want to win for the team and I want to set the tone for the other 14 players on my team.  I want to win and this drives me  to play my best every time.  I think my teammates and coaches see me as a leader because of the way I carry myself on and off the floor.  If you are confident everyone else will follow.  When your teammates see it, they feed off of it.  I think my confidence, drive and my determination  are important qualities to have as a leader.  As a leader you have to be determined in order to lead your team and win the game.”  Marlon’s favorite “turn up” song is “Stars and Ceilings” by Quavo.

Marlon Morgan is thrilled to carry on Douglass High School’s strong legacy.  His favorite thing about playing for Douglass is the tradition and legacy around it.  According to Marlon, “Douglass has a reputation for being the best high school basketball team in the state of Oklahoma. Everyone looks at Douglass and teams know they have to play their hardest to compete with Douglass and I love the tradition.  I will be able to talk about these moments with my kids and my grandkids and I love being apart of this legacy and tradition.”

Marlon’s strongest qualities are being a very driven person and a perfectionist.  Marlon gives 100% effort in all he does and strives for everything to be completed correctly.  Academically Marlon has a strong 4.0 GPA.  Marlon goes on to explain “I take academics seriously because I know academics will get me farther in life than basketball will.  When or if basketball stops, I will have a strong academic career to fall back on.  I want to get an academic scholarship to a great college.”

If Marlon could be recruited by any NBA team of his choice, Mr. Morgan would be honored to play for the Miami Heat.  “I like the organization and their style of basketball is like mine.  The tempo is fast and they play great defense like me.  I also love the weather, it’s always hot and beautiful!” exclaims Marlon.

This young man has the heart of a lion and his favorite quote depicts why his “Character Counts”.  Marlon Morgan’s favorite saying is “Tough times don’t last, tough people do” by Mellody Hobson.  Marlon elaborates “I know I’m only 15 and I know tough times will come.  But I know if I stay strong I can make it through anything, If I can beat those tough times I will be successful in the future. I would like to thank my coaches and my teammates, my family and God.  Without God none of this will be possible. It’s a blessing.”

One thing is for certain, Marlon Morgan is the example of a true eagle and he will fly high in life.  Marlon, we look forward to seeing you play for the Miami Heat and I look forward to being courtside watching your light and talents shine brightly.

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